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1 Belkin/Kingsolver In "Made-to-Order Savior," Lisa Belkin explains the agonizing process some parents are willing to undergo in order to save a child with Fanconi Anemia. However, the doctors that she interviewed agreed that the technology used to create a donor for a child with this condition could be abused. Nevertheless, with all being said, I beg to differ. Abuse is a choice and accompanies many things that are meant to help and save. Things such as prescription drugs, plastic surgery, and over-the-counter drugs become easy targets for abuse, but has never been met with such backlash. The abuse of these products often lead to death. Being that this is the final occurrence of such use, when will these items intended to heal be taken off the shelves? The answer is NEVER . The following will address why I consider "abuse" to be a mild "side-effect" of such a life- saving and truly life-changing phenomenon and why Barbara Kingsolver would disagree with my reasoning and logic. All things made to help or heal have some sort of active ingredient not meant to be given in large portions or doses have some potential to be abused. With that being known, abuse of a wide variety of brands of medicines have been reported yearly and worldwide ever since their manufacturing and distribution. Notably, none of these such products have been stricken from the shelves, they continue to rest on till this day. So why stop a process that is also intended to save and help? Just because most families don't need this procedure doesn't mean take it from the few that do. That is just like one person having a terrible migraine and ten others in the room not suffering, but deciding to
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2 take the aspirin from him. They're making the minority suffer because the majority doesn't have the same problem. In order to justify such an act, they place the blame on
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Belkin,Kingsolver - 1 Belkin/Kingsolver In"Made-to-Order...

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