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1 KINGSOLVER Interference Religion should not be high priority in scientific inquiry and experimentation. The two should not coexist together. Religion should, for the most part be separate from any kind of advances in science and technology because it interferes with the understandings of how the world operates. In Barbara Kingsolver’s essay “A Fist in the Eye of God” she states her views on the interaction of religion and technology. She explains all of this through the understandings of genetic engineering, and why in fact she is against it. Kingsolver believe the interaction between religion and technology could involve religion taking a role in scientific inquiry, however it does not. Throughout her essay, she expresses her beliefs that the two can in fact coexist together, but it would have to be a balance and an expansion of knowledge in both areas. Unfortunately, that is currently not how the world operates. Most people are completely one sided on this issue because they were in a way taught that that is how it should be. I agree with Kingsolver completely in her belief that there is no possible way science and religion can coexist unless there is a clear defined balance. She states: “I have never understood how anyone could have the slightest trouble blending religious awe with a full comprehension of the workings of life’s creation” (204). There is such thing as personal opinion and view, however if
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Kingsolver[1] - 1 KINGSOLVER Interference Religion should...

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