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Notes Black Women in the Abolitionist Movement--- Essay question 1 - An abolitionist is a person who advocates or supports the abolition of slavery in the US; black liberation is the gaining of equal rights or full social and economic opportunities Women and the abolitionist movement faced many struggles and roadblocks in order achieve their goals. Not only did the issue of slavery try to stop them but sexism and racism were also opponents in this game of life back then. Faced challenges regarding slavery, racism, and sexism - They became victims of harassment on different modes of transportation or in the street by complete strangers. It took “fortitude, courage, and the tremendous resolve to champion the cause of freedom” (Tate 109). For these women, the possibility of changing this country for the better outweighed the negativity they faced each day. Their goals were to improve the communities of their people and to obtain immediate emancipation of the slaves. Through evangelism, the women would go to the various homes in the Black communities and spread the uplifting word of the lord, and right after they were finished, they would stress the importance of change within a country for the people. They believed it was time for a change from slavery, racism, and sexism. She used Christianity, female feminism, and a rising tide of Black Nationalism in her endeavor to spread the word and she also desired to change the oppression blacks as slaves. Through feminism, Stewart and her fellow abolitionist women saw an importance in creating economic stability and individuality for Black women. Women needed to have some type
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BlackExperienceRamsamey - Notes Black Women in the...

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