TTH Syllabus SCM345 Spring 2008

TTH Syllabus SCM345 Spring 2008 - SCM 345 Line 18500...

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SCM 345 Line # 18500 SYLLABUS Logistics Management Spring 2007 Professor Arnold Maltz, PhD. Supply Chain Management W. P. Carey School of Business PO Box 874706 Tempe, AZ 85287-4706 Phone: (480) 965 9768 Email: [email protected] Class Schedule Tuesday and Thursday 12:15-1:30 Room BAC 201 Office Hours Thursday 2-4:00 Or by appointment Prerequisites (1) Professional program business student majoring in Supply Chain Management (2) Pre- or co-requisite: SCM 300 (3) Knowledge of Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer, MS Excel, MS Word (or any other PC word processor), and PowerPoint. Course Description This class presents a synthesis of principles in logistics and supply chain activities emphasizing integration of transportation, inventory, warehousing, facility location, customer service, packaging, and materials handling. Understanding both functional areas and how they connect provides the knowledge for planning, organizing, operating, and controlling supply chains following sound business logistics principles. A main goal of this course is to enable students to incorporate these principles under an overall conceptual supply chain strategy framework. Another important objective is to develop among students a greater ability to apply these principles to effectively solve practical supply chain management problems. To accomplish these goals, the class includes three quizzes and three examinations – two midterms and a final. All quizzes and exams are designed to help students integrate the course material. The course also includes in-class exercises to encourage students to work on and integrate class principles throughout the semester. Therefore, students are expected to put in effort outside and inside the classroom working on assignments. Finally, students will have the opportunity to work in teams and analyze case studies in logistics and supply chain management. Teams will share their observations with the professor for constructive feedback. Students are expected to present their viewpoints in the classroom and actively participate in discussions with other class participants throughout the semester.
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Course Materials Textbook: Bowersox, D.J.; Closs, D.J.; and Bixby Cooper, M., (2007), Supply Chain Logistics Management (2 nd Edition) . McGraw-Hill Irwin, New York, NY. Article: Fisher, Marshall L. (1997), “What is the Right Supply Chain for your Product?” Harvard Business Review v75, n2, pp. 105-116 Article: Lee, Hau L., Padmanabhan, V. and Seungjin Whang. “The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains.” Sloan Management Review v38, n3, pp. 93-102. It is the student’s responsibility to locate and read these articles. Examinations will include material from each as appropriate. You will also be responsible for
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TTH Syllabus SCM345 Spring 2008 - SCM 345 Line 18500...

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