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SCM 355 Important Concepts Chapter 1 (Introduction to Purchasing and SCM) Why is Purchasing Important Purchasing is a Functional Group which includes: supplier selection and identification, buying ,negotiation, contracting, supply market research, supplier measurement and improvement and purchasing system development Supply Management is cross functional and includes: purchasing, engineering, supplier quality assurance and other functions working together as a team to further mutual goals. Supply Chain Orientation: strategic value of managerial operational activities and flows within a supply chain. Supply Chain Management: a supply chain orientation that involves proactively managing the two-way movement and coordination of goods, services information, funds from raw materials through end user. Value Chain Exhibit 1.1 Page 10 Extended Value Chain or Extended Enterprise: multiple levels of customers and
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Unformatted text preview: suppliers. Supply Chain Umbrella: purchasing, inbound transportation, quality control, demand and supply management, receiving, material handling and storage, material or inventory control, order processing, production planning, scheduling and control, warehousing/distribution, shipping, outbound transportation and customer service. 4 Enablers of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: capable human resources, proper organizational design, real time and share information technology capabilities and right measures and measurement systems. Evolution of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 1. Early Years 1850-1900 2. Growth of Purchasing Fundamentals 1900-1939 3. The War Years 1940-1946 4. Quiet Years 1947-Mid 60s 5. Materials Management Comes of Age Mid 60s-Late 70s 6. Global Era Late 1970s-1999 7. Integrated Supply Chain Management Beyond 2000...
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