SCM 355 Important Concepts Chapter 2

SCM 355 Important Concepts Chapter 2 - bidding or...

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SCM 355 Important Concepts Chapter 2 (The Purchasing Process) Purchasing Objectives (6): support operational requirements, manage the process efficiently and effectively, supply base management, relationships with other functional groups, support organizational goals and objectives, develop integrated purchasing strategies that support organizational strategies. Responsibilities of Purchasing (4): evaluate and select suppliers, review specifications, act as the primary contact with suppliers, determine the method of awarding purchasing contracts. E-Procurement and the Purchasing Process (6 Stages): 1. identify user need for product or service a. purchase requisition/statement of work b. cross functional new product development teams c. traveling purchasing requisitions/bar codes d. customer orders and forecasts e. reorder point system f. stock checks 2. evaluate potential supplier a. request for quotation b. specifications or blue prints c. evaluate suppliers 3. bidding, negotiation and supplier selection a.
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Unformatted text preview: bidding or negotiation? b. conditions for bidding or negotiation page 45 4. purchasing approval a. purchase order b. blanket purchase order c. material purchase release 5. release and receive purchase requirements a. material packing slip b. bill of lading c. receiving discrepancy report d. just-in-time purchasing 6. measure supplier performance a. quality b. delivery c. innovation d. price/cost Types of Purchases: raw material, semi-finished products and components, finished products, MRO, production support items (services, capital equipment, transportation and third-party purchasing). Improving the Purchasing Process: online requisitioning systems from users to purchasing, procurement cards issued to users, electronic purchasing commerce through the internet, longer-term purchase agreements, online ordering systems to suppliers, purchasing process redesign, EDI, online ordering through electronic catalogs, allowing users to contact suppliers directly....
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SCM 355 Important Concepts Chapter 2 - bidding or...

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