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Test 1 Study Guide - Characteristics of the current...

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Unformatted text preview: Characteristics of the current competitive environment Seven periods of evolution (See pgs 5, 22-24 for details) Factors/reason driving emphasis on SCM IT, customer demands, competition increasing, quality (See page 5 for details) Advantages of suppliers involvement in early product/process development (pg 6) 20% reduction in material cost 20% improvement in material quality 20% reduction in development time Define supply management/strategic supply management Supply Management : cross functional and includes: purchasing, engineering, supplier quality assurance and other functions working together as a team to further mutual goals Strategic Supply Management : requires pursuing strategic responsibilities, which are those activities that have a major impact on performance excluding routine, simple or day-to-day decisions that may be part of traditional purchasing responsibilities Characteristics of the value chain; primary versus support activities Value chain is composed of primary and support activities that can lead to competitive advantage when configured properly. Primary activities: Inbound Logistics, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service (add value) Support activities: Firm Infrastructure, Human Resource Management, Technology Development, Purchasing (no value important, but just give info) Supply chain umbrella/detail or parts Purchasing, inbound transportation, quality control, demand and supply management, receiving, material handling and storage, material or inventory control,...
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Test 1 Study Guide - Characteristics of the current...

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