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SCM 355 Important Concepts Chapter 8 (Supplier Quality Management) What is Supplier Quality? Supplier quality represents the ability to meet or exceed current and future customer (i.e., buyer and eventually end customer) expectations or requirements within critical performance areas on a consistent basis. Why Be Concerned with Supplier Quality? Supplier impact on quality, continuous improvement requirements, outsourcing of purchasing requirements Factors Affecting Purchasing Role in Managing Supplier Quality The ability of a supplier to affect a buyer’s total quality, the resources available to support supplier quality management and improvement, the ability of a buying firm to practice world-class quality, a supplier’s willingness to work jointly to improve quality, a
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Unformatted text preview: supplier’s current quality levels, a buyers ability to collect and analyze quality-related data Supplier Quality Management Using a Total Quality Perspective Eight Key Principles of TQM Define quality in terms of customers and their requirements Pursue quality at the source Stress objective rather than subjective analysis Emphasize prevention rather than detection of defects Focus on process rather than output Strive for zero defects Establish continuous improvement as a way of life Make quality everyone’s responsibilities Pursuing Six Sigma Supplier Quality Using ISO 9000 and Baldrige Criteria to Assess Supplier Quality Systems (9 principles page 257), ISO 900 Registration, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (Exhibit 8.6)...
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