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Discussion Board 2 Activity - International Business Relationships Assignment scenario: Your boss, Francis Williams, is leaving for Egypt (or other country of your choice – see bottom of this page) next month to discuss a joint venture with prospective Egyptian partners. Williams is busy putting together the details of the business deal he hopes to pull off, and he has asked you to research Egyptian culture and report in a memo what he should know about conducting business in Egypt before traveling abroad. 1. Read chapter 16, then read the information about doing business in Egypt found in the following links. You may also want to find some other sources. http://www.levanco.com/readings/egyptian_business.html http://www.touregypt.net/magazine/mag09012000/magf3.htm 2. Write the memo as per the directions and post it to your group discussion board. 3. Compare the information that each of your members included, also note what they didn’t include. 4.
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