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Discussion Board 1 - Research an Organization

Discussion Board 1 - Research an Organization - Is your...

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Discussion Board Activity #1 - Researching the Organization 1. Assume you’re interested in a job with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) or WalMart. Go online ( http://www.csc.com ) or ( https://pcws.wal- mart.com/cws/seeker.html ) to find answers to the following questions and write a short memo to your group members containing your findings. a. What industry is CSC (or WalMart) in? What does the company do? What types of customers does it serve? Where are its offices located? b. How do your skills and personal interests match up with this company’s industry, operations, and locations? c. Browse through the company’s online job listings. What types of positions does this company recruit for?
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Unformatted text preview: Is your education and work experience appropriate for the positions that sound interesting? What other qualifications do you need to apply for the job(s) that interest you? 2. Post your memo to your group discussion board on or before 6:00 a.m. Tuesday, 2/19/08. 3. Read the memos of your other group members; then, using your group’s discussion board, discuss your findings (similarities and differences) with one another. Be thorough in both your research and in writing your memo. 4. All group members should fully participate in the ensuing discussion. 5. This discussion board conversation will conclude at 9:00 p.m. Friday (2/22/08)...
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