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Formatting Business Letters Business letters are typically written on paper called “letterhead.” Letterhead is stationery imprinted with the company name, logo, and contact information. It is only used for the first page of a business letter; matching plain paper is used for any subsequent pages. There are several possible formats that one might use in business; however, we will use only the Full Block format presented on page 595. Furthermore, notice the greeting and the subject line in the Full Block format. Having the greeting come before the Subject or “Re” line is a new change to the old standard format. Authorities say that the position reversal makes sense, as it serves to orient the reader and thereby naturally leads into the prose of the letter. While I understand the argument, I find that I disagree with this new version of the business letter greeting. But, maybe I’m just stuck in the past. So, what I will do is leave it to you. You decide if your letter needs a subject line, and where you will put it. The important thing that I will
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