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Use headings in reports - Headings in Reports &...

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James Beckstrom-Sternberg, Stephen Jurca, Rachel Smith, Allison Wedeward What are headings? Headings are the titles of the parts of a report. They highlight and break up important information within an outline. Headings are a type of organizational system that helps the reader see the logical structure of the contents. What are the different kinds of headings? Topic headings. These headings are very concise, and often consist of one or two words. They only identify the topic of discussion at hand. Ex: Politics U.S. History Republicans Democrats Talking headings. Talking headings, also known as popular headings, identify the subject matter and tell what is said about it. Talking headings are more descriptive than topic headings, contain more words, and have more variety. Ex: Democratic and Republican Debate Topics Financing a potential universal healthcare plan Handling the current situation in Iraq Maintaining a sound economy What are the different levels of headings? While an infinite number of heading levels are possible, it is best to limit the number of heading levels for practicality. In most business documents, such as this one, three heading levels often suffice. First level headings.
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Use headings in reports - Headings in Reports &...

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