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How do I . . . Add my rough draft (RD) to my group page for Peer Review (PR)? First, save your draft as a .doc or .rtf file (if you use a word processing program other than MS Word, or if you use MS Vista, save your documents as .rtf files) Second, open our BB site, then click on: >Communication >Group Pages >Select your team >Group Discussion Board >Select the proper forum link for this draft, then: Click on “Add New Thread” It's VERY important that you all use the same format for posting your drafts; so, please adhere to these directions:
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Unformatted text preview: Subject: yourfirstnameRD1 (ex: TommyRD1 = Tommy Rough Draft 1) Note: when it's time to post your second draft, the subject name will be TommyRD2, etc. Message: If you want your teammates to look at a specific area of concern about your draft, briefly type that information here. Otherwise just type "see attached" Browse: find your draft on your drive and highlight it, then click "Open." Then click "Submit." That's it! If you post the wrong document, or use the wrong file name, remove the message and repost....
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