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To: All Students From: Ms. Slabaugh Date: August 18, 2007 Re: Memo format All – The first thing you need to know about memos is why they exist and what their role is in business communication. It’s pretty simple, really. Memos are used in place of letters for internal communication in a business. It would be silly to go through the trouble of completely addressing a letter to your co-worker, when you really just want to send them a note. The memo achieves this. Additionally, because this is an internal document, there is no need to close with anything formal, or any signature. Usually the sender pens his /her initials next to his /her name in the heading. However, because it doesn’t have all the mailing address information, you do not use a memo format to correspond with anyone outside the company – the mail person would be able to deliver it! Like business letters, there are several “ways” to set up your memo format. However, to keep things simple, we’ll just use this basic, standard block format. Notice in the heading above that all
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