Ansel adams - Anneliese Antonucci "A Personal...

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Anneliese Antonucci RR #4 “A Personal Credo” by Ansel Adams What makes a good photograph? A photograph is only as good as the photographer who takes it. Photographs contain much more than meets the eye. Different people have different concepts of what makes a good photograph. For Ansel Adams, the definition of a good photograph includes self-expression and capturing the greatest clarity in the moment. This moment should be captured and appreciated as it exists at that moment in time and not aided or assisted technologically for the benefit of the viewer. For Walker Evans, a good photograph is defined as the culmination of efforts, skill and intuition of the photographer him/herself. Evans believes that all effort should be undertaken to enhance the photo to its maximum potential. Both agree that while “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” it is also in the capturing of the image itself. In the article by Ansel Adams, he states that all photographs are subject to the environment in which they are composed. It is the photographer’s responsibility to feed
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Ansel adams - Anneliese Antonucci "A Personal...

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