Prelim 1 review - Policy Analysis Overview: Policy: a...

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: Policy: a proposed course of action to reach a goal or realize an objective purpose; mostly enacted by some sort of public agency Substantiative policies: involve direct action such as building highways Procedural: lay out how things should be done, such as certain regulations Distributive: Involve using public funds to help a particular group Redistributive: Involve reallocation of money rights or power, much more difficult to pass than distributive policies Material: provides tangible results to beneficiaries Symbolic: have little material impact, IE endangered species act Policy problem: A condition or situation that produces needs of dissatisfaction among people and for w=hich relief or redress through government is sought. The policy Agenda Public problems must achieve agenda status before they can be dealt with by the government What are the goals of policy analysis? Reducing uncertainity and providing information to decision makers in the public arena When to do Policy Analysis? Ex-ante policy analysis: analyzing policy programs before they are implemented, this is “conventional” policy analysis. Ex post policy analysis: better known as program evaluation, it is analyzing a policy after it has been implemented. The policy analysis process Step 1: Problem Definition Consists of policy problem, and an analysts problem. The policy problem gives a definition of the problem and asks a question about the
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Prelim 1 review - Policy Analysis Overview: Policy: a...

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