RR #6 - Anneliese Antonucci The Armed Vision Disarmed...

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Anneliese Antonucci RR #6 The Armed Vision Disarmed: Radical Formalism from Weapon to Style Photography as a form of art is classified into various schools or influences. This, however, fails to take into consideration the independent evolution of photography. Abigail Solomon-Godeau seeks to debunk versions of the photographic history which represent a clear and concise development of photography rather than a history influenced by cultural and originality. She writes that references drawn from similarities in styles or schools are not valid to create a time line or causality in photographic history. A strong case is made that photography like art is a product of various influences including cultural variations. In stating that continuity is a myth, Solomon-Godeau states that although pieces of art may be visually similar this alone does not constitute a correlation in developmental process. She states, “An anonymous vernacular photograph may look like a Walker Evans, a Lee Friedlander may closely resemble a Rodchenko; put side by side,
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RR #6 - Anneliese Antonucci The Armed Vision Disarmed...

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