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Define each of the following terms in two sentences. Bear Woman Sac Theory Karma Chi Chinese Almanac Matsu Fatty Legend The 5 Elements Filial Piety 1. Bear Woman was a bear who lived in a cave, eating and drinking nothing for 100 days in order to transform into a human. She in an integral part of the Korean creation myth. 2. Sac Theory is an idea that states the world was created with something (such as chaos) in a sack. The Chinese creation myth is an example. 3. Karma is basically all of one’s good deeds versus one’s bad deeds. In Buddhism your Karma determines if you go to heaven or hell. 4. Chi is the basic force behind Chinese geomancy. Good chi comes from the south and bad chi comes from the north. 5. The Chinese Almanac is a book that one can use to look up the particular magic associated with a day. It can tell you anything from the best day to get married or
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Unformatted text preview: the best time to get a haircut. 6. Matsu was a deeply spiritual girl who lived on the Chinese coast. She saved her father and brothers from a storm, led them to a large school of fish and became a goddess. 7. Fatty was a woman who became a shaman at the insistence of her dead children. She travels twice a year to the Heavenly Flower Garden. 8. Legends are stories about the creation of nations by great people. They are most popular in China. 9. The 5 Elements are water, wood, earth, metal, and fire. They are based in Chinese popular religion and have an effect on a person’s personality and geomancy. 10. Filial Piety is highly regarded in China as it is a deep loyalty to the family. Many Chinese legends are based off people with great filial piety....
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