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Respone #4 - Dave’s word that he returns at once after...

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Response #4 Tan Huy Hoang Nguyen Professor Pam O’Klock-Stein English 1B 13 January 2006 “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” by Richard Wright At first, I had mistaken this story under the ‘Innocence and Experience’ genre, but it’s actually in the ‘Conformity and Rebellion’ section of the book and quite rightfully so. This is because the boy, Dave, ends up running away. He also went against his mother’s orders. The whole story was about a boy, which is Dave, who believes he is almost a man. Hence, Dave thinks he should have a gun. His parents and pretty much everyone else deems otherwise. After being able to convince his mother to give him two dollars for the pistol, he immediately went to the store to buy it. She does so with the assurance of
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Unformatted text preview: Dave’s word that he returns at once after the purchase. Later on, Dave sneaks out into the woods to try out his new pistol. The shot rattles him and he doesn’t realize what had happened. Dave had mistakenly shot his boss’s mule to death. He tries to fib, but the mother knew what had happened and persuaded him to tell the truth. The whole city now mocks the poor boy, who later runs away. I pity little Dave. All he wanted was a simple little gun (which in today’s standard isn’t so simple anymore) and ends up being the worst thing to happen to Dave. On the other hand, if a negro was to be caught with a gun back in that day, then trouble would definitely surface....
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