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Response #2 Tan Huy Hoang Nguyen Professor Pam O’Klock-Stein English 1B 12 January 2006 “To Carry the Child” by Stevie Smith “To Carry the Child” is an interesting poem. Of course, literature can be interpreted in many different ways, but I think this poem is about children. It is about how children are trapped in a world of adults. These adults are mindless, heartless, and emotionless. The author, Stevie Smith, believes that the children have the ability to breakthrough this barrier of entrapment, but many fall to the manipulation of the adults. The poem illustrates that children are more human, more important, yet the most helpless. All man wants, at the juncture of adulthood, is money and power. Along this juncture, children are brainwashed to strive for the same materialistic goals. I, as well, believe that
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Unformatted text preview: this is true. We are all raised by adults, unless, in some strange cases where an animal raises a child is quite the phenomenon. Otherwise, adults are the ones who teach us all we know. Consequently, that can either be a matter of good or bad, depending on the adults. The majority have a greed for money and power. This trait is passed down through the generations. In contrast, children can live without money and power. They are able to enjoy life without materialistic obsessions. A lot of us can learn a thing or two from children. Even I, myself, have fallen victim to the world of adulthood. So I’ll learn, and never forget the past of my childhood....
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