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Respone #5 - example When I was a young boy all my...

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Response #5 Tan Huy Hoang Nguyen Professor Pam O’Klock-Stein English 1B 14 January 2006 “The market economy” by Marge Piercy I’m starting to see a peculiar familiarity among these literary works. They all seem to emphasize the wrong chooses we make in life. Well, that’s just me. Anyways, this poem by Marge Piercy, just like a couple of my previous responses, stresses the sad materialistic world that we live in. “The market economy” reveals what we sacrifice for worldly things. We are even willing to give up our health for these possessions. Sadly and especially in the U.S., this is true. We are so obsessed with money and power that we don’t realize what we sacrifice in order to receive these acquisitions. Take myself for
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Unformatted text preview: example. When I was a young boy, all my relatives would encourage me to pursue money. Even now, I make an inquiry with my relatives what I should do as a career, and they would suggest, “Any career with money.” I would reply that I wouldn’t enjoy the career and again they would answer, “But it has money.” Many other families have this mindset as well. Yes, it encourages children to set goals in life. However, numerous children grow up to realize they wouldn’t be happy. To fulfill what was once a dream is one thing, but to be unhappy with a career is another. I believe that being happy through life is the ultimate dream....
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