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Respone #6 - credit for those that actually live through it...

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Response #6 Tan Huy Hoang Nguyen Professor Pam O’Klock-Stein English 1B 14 January 2006 Antigonê by Sophocles This drama actually irritates me. It reveals the truth behind the acts of some people in this world. They look down upon life, reject life, and refuse to be happy. Some of them have legitimate excuses, but many do not. To say that they’ve had a hard life is absolutely no excuse because most of the time their lives don’t even come close to what many have been through and those people have turned out to be just fine. Maybe they have some sort of chemical imbalance that causes them to abnormally think that way. If so, doctors have yet to find it in many of them. I just wonder sometimes how people can live their lives that way. It’s so depressing, so sad, and so lifeless. So I must give them
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Unformatted text preview: credit for those that actually live through it all. There also some good points to Antigonê. Her determination to give her brother a proper burial is good. The “do it at all costs” and “stop at nothing” attitude is something to admire. But her perspectives were wrong. She didn’t know what her brother was actually like and she had put others at risk. Her sister was persuaded to die with her, then her fiancée would kill himself. After her fiancée had died, the mother of that man would commit suicide as well. Families would be heartbroken, and the king has people to look over. That’s how I viewed this play, but the play itself puts the blame on Creon, the king. However, I believe otherwise....
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