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I. Overview/Company History When approaching the development of this paper, I kept in mind several key tasks. First, I wanted to do a research analysis paper on a dynamic and growing team or group that was familiar to me. Secondly, I truly wanted to have a realistic impact on the organization as a result of the research that was done for the paper. I chose the First Community Insurance and Annuity Center of Bourbonnais, Illinois. They have been our family’s auto and home insurance carrier for a few years, and we have a good working business/client relationship with them. First Community Insurance and Annuity Center is a family-owned and operated business that has been in existence for 18 years. First started in October 1990 with two employees, they have grown into a multi-dimensional insurance and annuity company with 11 employees. In order to provide information for the paper, I was able to get the President of the Company, Douglas Wheeler, to sit down with me for several hours on December 20, 2007 in one of his offices. II. Team/Group Definition Before we get into the specifics about First Community Insurance and Annuity Center, I felt it important to redefine what type of group we’re looking at. A small group, according to our text (Tubbs, 2007, p. 6) , is “a range from 3 to about 20 people”, and a group is identified by five different considerations which are: (1) interaction, (2) structure, (3) group cohesion, (4) social identity, and (5) goals. And also from our text, “a group is more general…a team is a type of group.” (Tubbs, 2007, p. 6). By definition, a team is “a high performing task group whose members are actively interdependent and share common performance objectives”. <<PERIOD INSIDE THE QUOTES Team implies closeness as well as cooperation. (Tubbs, 2007, p. 6). 1
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First Community Insurance and Annuity Center meets all of the above criteria for a highly- developing and performing team. III. Team/Group’s Main Purpose and Mission Statement; Group Norms I asked Mr. Wheeler why the purpose of his Compan y ies , and more specifically his team s , exist ence . His reply initially was simply , “ to make a profit .” Mr. Wheeler then expounded by saying that he also wanted, “ to continue to run and expand his business, and to help his associates earn a decent wage and provide for their families. But Aa s we got into our meeting, he was able to share his Company’s core philosophy statement that has driven and directed him and his co-workers for many years. I attached a copy of the core philosophy statement to this paper as appendix A . (See Appendix A). It This statement sets core values , and operating priorities and expectations on what is important to the Company and as well as the overall expectations on employee performance. how its employees are expected to perform. Recently there has been a change in Company strategic planning, that is, a shifting away
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Jack's First Community Cover individual paper - I....

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