Exam 1 Review Terms - World Civilizations II (Gen Ed 111)...

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World Civilizations II (Gen Ed 111) Dr. Michael P. Infranco Exam #1 Review Terms Vasco de Gama : Portuguese sailor whose voyage to India (1498) opened up trade routes to the East in search of spices such as cloves and nutmeg. Christopher Columbus : Italian Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) is perhaps the most famous (or infamous) of the Spanish explorers. His four voyages to the Americas attempted to reach the East by sailing west. Island of Hispaniola : The first voyage by Christopher Columbus was to Hispaniola in 1492. On Hispaniola alone, in less than 100 years, their population was reduced from 100,000 to 300 people because of the Spanish encomienda system. Portolani, Lateen sails, Astrolabe and Magnetic Compass : Portolani (or detailed charts of coastal contours, port distances, and compass readings) aided navigators in overseas travels. European ships were seaworthy: use of the Chinese sternpost rudder; and lateen sails used successfully in the Indian Ocean. European ships utilized the magnetic compass (China) and the astrolabe (developed by the Arabs), which measured celestial angles for accurate navigation. Spice Trade : In the 1300s, Muslim traders dominated the spice trade from India to the Middle East. Islam had also spread to Indonesia (i.e., Sumatra and Java). By the 15 th century, Europeans became a large part of the spice trade. The rise of capitalism, a
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Exam 1 Review Terms - World Civilizations II (Gen Ed 111)...

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