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Phylogenetics Lab Cladogram Results

Phylogenetics Lab Cladogram Results - analysis Are there...

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19 Name: _______________________ Lab Section: __________________ Cladogram Results 1. Draw your cladogram in the space below.
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20 Name: _______________________ Lab Section: __________________ 2. Cladogram length: __________. 3. Number of most parsimonious cladograms: __________. 4. What are the differences among the most parsimonious trees (assuming you found more than one most parsimonious tree)? 5. How much homoplasy is in the characters you have used for this phylogenetic
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Unformatted text preview: analysis? Are there differences in the number of steps required for different characters? Why might this be? 21 Name: _______________________ Lab Section: __________________ 6. Below is an additional Caminalcule. Where do you expect it would fit into your phylogeny? Why? What characters support the placement of taxon “N” in this position? Taxon N...
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