Lecture Notes - a. T = 0 P = 1mm 800mm b. a b c 2. CO 2...

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I. Chapter 13.8 – Other Kinds of Solids a. Molecular Solids i. Ordered to maximize intermolecular forces (ex. H 2 O) b. Network Solids i. Diamond, graphite c. Amorphous Solids i. Glass, Polymers, … ii. Not an ordered structure iii. No precise melting point II. Chapter 13.9 – Physical Properties of Solids a. Solid Liquid i. ΔH° fusion (Always > 0) b. Liquid Solid i. ΔH° cryst. = -ΔH° fusion c. Some Data (Table 13.7) i. mp ΔH° fusion vary with forces Hg -39°C 2.3 kJ/mol Al 660 10.7 W 3,422 35.2 B2 -219 0.44 Br2 -7 10.8 HCl -114 2.0 H2O 0 6.0 NaI 660 23.6 NaF 996 33.4 d. Sublimation i. Solid Vapor 1. ΔH°sublimation 2. Solids have a vapor press 3. I 2 , H 2 O, CO 2 , Moth Balls 4. Phase Diagrams a. What phases are present as P, T varied? i. Figure 13.39 H 2 O ii. Scale exaggerated on a line 2 phases off a line 1 phase triple point 3 phases 1. Describe what occurs
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Unformatted text preview: a. T = 0 P = 1mm 800mm b. a b c 2. CO 2 Figure 13.40 a. More typical s/l boundary b. Critical point c. No liquid below 5.19 atm I. Chapter 14 Solutions a. Review Concentration Units (Chapter 5.8) and H rxn (Chapter 6) b. Solution Solvents + Solute i. Homogeneous mixture c. Concentration i. Molarity (M) is mol solute/1.00 L solution ii. Molality (m) is mol solute/1.00 kg solvent iii. Mole Fraction (x) is mol A/Tot mol (all solutes and solvent) iv. Weight Percent gA/Total mass (all solutes and solvent) x100 1. PPM (PPB, PPT) a. gA/10 6 gTot gA/10 9 g gA/10 12 g 2. Ex) 1.00L H2O ~= 1,000g i. 1mg II. Chapter 14.2 Solution Process a. CaCl 2 (s) H 2 O...
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Lecture Notes - a. T = 0 P = 1mm 800mm b. a b c 2. CO 2...

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