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Study Tips Different subjects require different methods of study. This may be your first science class or you may have some anxiety about taking a science class. Science is fun but it takes more effort in learning than some other subjects. This is mostly because of technical language that you have to learn and then apply in a short period of time. It is worthwhile to put aside an hour or so and work on the glossaries I have given you and try to understand what these terms mean. Then when you come to read the material and come to lecture you will have a better understanding of what is being discussed. Efficient reading of scientific textbooks also requires a different technique. One technique is as follows 1. Preview – Flip through the chapter and read the main headings and subheadings to get the big picture. Read the introduction since this gives an overview of the main ideas. Now focus on the “Essential Concepts” at the end of topic within the chapter. Some textbooks also have chapter
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