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2008 State of the - agree with many of his points in fact I disagree with a lot The only point I really share with President Bush is to stave off

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Nguyen 1 Tan Huy Hoang Nguyen Professor Mellen Political Science 101 31 January 2008 Opinion on 2008 State of the Union Address This State of the Union Address is no different from any other that Bush has given. He is a sure and strong man that stands by his word—even though they seem wrong to many of his citizens. In the Address, he states many points that have been mentioned before. The position on the War in Iraq and how our troop surge is helping, staving off tax increases, terminate or reduce bloated programs that will save $18 billion, make healthcare more affordable by privatization, announced that the No Child Left Behind Act is working, expand trade with foreign countries, reduce greenhouse gases, increase funding for research, and he goes on further about other topics. Personally, I give him credit for being a strong President. That doesn’t mean I
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Unformatted text preview: agree with many of his points, in fact, I disagree with a lot. The only point I really share with President Bush is to stave off tax increases. They are truly high enough and just needs to be better well spent. As for the $18 billion savings in terminating or reducing bloated programs, well, a lot of those programs that he’s created is wasting a lot of money and/or is completely useless such as the Department of Homeland Security. Therefore, I hope he cuts the appropriate funding to programs that really isn’t serving much purpose such as his own. I also like that he wants to better educate our nation, but placing standards is a damper in our society to teach properly. It’s a No Child Behind Act, however, it’s leaving a lot of kids behind. Not only behind, but essentially forgotten....
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