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Cuneiform The oldest Mesopotamian texts date to around 3000 B.C.E. and were written by the Sumerians wedge-shaped impressions on clay tablets with a reed stylus Once dried = virtually indestructible used in schools set up to teach the cuneiform system of writing Primary goal of scribal education was to produce professionally trained scribes for careers in the temples and palaces, the military, and government service writing enabled a society to keep records and maintain knowledge of previous practices and events writing also made it possible for people to communicate ideas in new ways Epic of Gilgamesh Ancient Mesopotamia Sumerian legend one of the earliest works of literary fiction story is about an mythological/hero king Gilgamesh (who is thought to be a real ruler in the 3 rd millennia B.C.) who befriend a wild man named Enkidu. The pair undertakes dangerous quest for heroic deeds. During one of the adventures Enkidu dies. The important part of the story revolves around Gilgamesh’s thought about Enkidu’s death. The story then focuses on Gilgamesh’s attempts at immortality. In the end, Gilgamesh learns that immortality is only for the gods. The story is important since it is one of humanity’s earliest quests for immortality. And the fact that Gilgamesh can’t find immortality would eventually turn to religion. Hatshepsut Phoenicians lived in the area of Palestine along the Mediterranean coast on a narrow band of land 120 miles long expanded trade after the demise of Hittite and Egyptian power produced goods for foreign markets: purple dye, glass, wine, and lumber from the famous cedars of Lebanon. improved their ships and became great international sea traders chartered new routes on sea voyages (the first to) Phoenicians are best known as transmitters simplified their writing by using twenty-two different signs to represent the sounds of their speech not the only people to invent an alphabet, but important because it was passed on to the Greeks From the Greek alphabet was derived the Roman alphabet that we still use today
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David After the first King of Israel, Saul died., there was a brief period of anarchy ensued in Israel. One of Saul’s Lieutenant’s, David, reunited the twelve tribes in approximately 1000 B.C.E. After they were reunited, David then defeated the Israelites’ enemy and neighbor the Philistines. After this, David had control of all Palestine. He then made Jerusalem the centralized capital. This move made the former nomadic Hebrews to settle in one location. David’s life as a King has been significant in the fact that he authored numerous Psalms and he became one of Christianity and Judaism’s most important figures. dharma
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GenEd 110 Lecture Notes - Cuneiform The oldest Mesopotamian...

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