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Unformatted text preview: WHAT IS A PASSAGE-BASED PAPER (PBP)? Passage-based papers are intended to foreground the connection between writing and reading as you make meaning from your reading of a passage through the act of writing about it. These papers offer you the opportunity to engage in close, textual analysis and to grapple with complex ideas from the texts that we will be reading. Your papers should represent an attempt at developing a claim about the passage and its relationship to the text as a whole. FORMAT: Choose a passage (2-4 sentences) from the text that we are reading and write a 1-2 page paper on this excerpt. You should transcribe the passage onto the top of the page (including the author page number from which the passage is taken) and then “unpack” the passage, paying close attention to its textual elements, including— but not limited to— the writer’s word choice, the tone of the passage, and key phrases or terms that seem especially important to the meaning of the passage....
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