2008 MCE Quiz-1-03 -- ANSWERS - 01

2008 MCE Quiz-1-03 -- ANSWERS - 01 - Managing in Complex...

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Managing in Complex Environments      Quiz #1 Name (Please  print)_______ANSWERS___________________ Spring, 2008 Professor Atkin My lecture time is: ______ Closed-book/closed-note .  Below please find 35 3-point questions.  Answers go on optical scanning answer  sheets.  Please note that the last page of the quiz is your project peer evaluation. For a grade to be recorded  you must return (a) the quiz, (b) the answer sheet, and (c) the completed peer evaluation.  Good luck! ITEMS IN RED ARE “GIMME’S” i.e., QUESTION WE SHOULD BE GETTING 90%CORRECT. THE ACTUAL % CORRECT IN THE CLASS IS NOTED FOR THESE ITEMS. Quiz statistics at end. 1. In this course, we assume that firms…   B (% CORRECT   38%) a. have a legal existence established by national law b. have rights and responsibilities c. both of the above d. none of the above 2. The open system hypothesis implies that a firm such as Starbucks…   D a. will product differentiate   b. will have a CSR policy c. both of the above d. none of the above 3. Wealth is the…   B (86%) a. excess of revenue over expenses in a given accounting period b. accumulation of profit over time c. both of the above d.  none of the above 4. Transfer transactions…  C (82%) a. are usually priced above the cost of production  b. are usually priced below market price c. both of the above d. none of the above 5. Mr. Nardelli from Home Depot, Mr. O’Neill from Merrill Lynch, and Mr. Prince from Citibank have all been  recently hired as CEOs with missions to improve the financial performance of their respective firms.   B   a. true b.  false 6. As environmental change becomes more rapid…   A (76%) a. the likelihood of failure of existing firms increases b. the likelihood of new firms entering decreases c. both of the above d. none of the above 7. In market economies, decisions concerning prices, product mix, and product distribution…  
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This note was uploaded on 06/25/2008 for the course BUSSPP MCE taught by Professor Atkins during the Spring '08 term at Pittsburgh.

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2008 MCE Quiz-1-03 -- ANSWERS - 01 - Managing in Complex...

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