Proteins - Main Points - hydrochloric acid; pepsin enzyme...

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Proteins – Main Points Structure Amino group + carboxyl group + “R” group + carbon  Variation of amino acids by changing “R” group 20 amino acids (“letters”) = components of all proteins (“words”) Complete protein source = source with all 20 amino acids Protein complementation = combining foods with incomplete proteins Protein synthesis -amino acids linked together by condensation reaction -order in which amino acids are joined together is  determined by DNA -transcription (nucleus) & translation (cytosol) -messenger RNA acts as a template with information -ribosomes required to translate information -amino acids & ribosomes are in the cytosol   -polypeptides are synthesized in the cytosol Polypeptide folds to different shapes ready for a specific function Proteins are denatured by heat, pH Proteins have diverse array of functions  Digestion begins in stomach
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Unformatted text preview: hydrochloric acid; pepsin enzyme • CCK stimulates release of protease enzymes from the pancreas • Absorption amino acids across the “brush border” • Celiac disease • Fate of dietary protein -protein synthesis -protein turnover (recycling amino acids) • Amino group (NH 3 ) removed in liver as part of conversion to non-protein molecules ; excreted as urea via kidneys • Protein requirements -most people; 0.8g protein per kg body weight per day -endurance athletes; 1.3g “ “ “ “ -strength athletes; 1.7g “ “ “ “ • Vegetarian diet -soy protein (complete protein) -complement incomplete proteins (e.g. beans + rice)-calcium fortified soy milk • Protein deficiency-kwashiorkor-marasmus • Excess protein stressful to kidneys + other health problems...
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Proteins - Main Points - hydrochloric acid; pepsin enzyme...

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