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U2_L3 Proteins - Review Questions-R0

U2_L3 Proteins - Review Questions-R0 - 10 What functions do...

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Study Questions – Proteins  1. Which foods do not contribute protein to the diet? 2. What does it mean to say that the total amount of protein in two foods is the same  but the composition is different? 3. Why can we make the analogy that amino acids are like letters of the alphabet? 4. What is the importance of the “R” group of an amino acid? 5. Which element is provided by proteins but not carbohydrates?  Excess amounts of  this element are eliminated from the body as ________. 6. How is the synthesis of proteins similar to lipids? Different from lipids? 7. Where are the original “instructions” that determine the order of amino acids in a  protein?   8. What is the difference between transcription and translation?  Where does each  process take place? 9. How does the quaternary structure of a protein differ from the primary structure?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. What functions do the following proteins perform in the body? – collagen; enzymes; membrane proteins; insulin; hemoglobin 11. What has happened to the structure of a denatured protein? 12. Which two organs are responsible for the digestion of protein? 13. The generic name for enzymes that digest proteins is __________? 14. What happens to extra amino acids once your body has met basic requirements? 15. What happens to muscle tissue if you don’t consume essential amino acids? 16. How does the liver make non-protein molecules? 17. How much protein does your body need per day? 18. What are the benefits of a plant based diet? 19. Food allergies are sometimes triggered by these…....
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U2_L3 Proteins - Review Questions-R0 - 10 What functions do...

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