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BIOL 3830 Pathogenic MicrobiologyName____________________Assignment 20 Part 1Due by ________.(4 pts)1.A 26-year old female reports to the doctor with a high fever, mild diarrhea, headache, muscle aches,and fatigue.No cough was apparent.The patient has just returned from central Africa where shehad helped care for patients at a health clinic.Malaria is endemic in the area of central Africa andsporadic outbreaks of another deadly disease have also occurred in the area.A.List at least 3 illnesses the doctor would run tests for.
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B.What tests would you perform to identify the causative agent?
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2.A 6 year-old female from North Carolina who brought into the emergency room with restlessnessand delirium.She had a diffuse purpura (purplish lesions of the skin or mucous membranes due tohemorrhage beneath the tissue), cool extremities with a weak pulse, enlargement of the liver andspleen.She had seen her family physician a couple of days earlier for an illness that started with amild fever, sore throat, and malaise (generalized feeling of discomfort) followed by the appearanceof pink, macular rash on her lower extremities and palms.She also reported she had been in thewoods the previous week.A.List at least 3 illnesses the doctor would be considering as a possible cause.
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B.What tests should be performed?
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3.A 18-year-old male comes into an emergency room in Arizona during the summer complaining of a2-day history of fever, weakness, diarrhea and severe pain in the left groin that is causing difficultyin walking.
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