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U2_L5 Energy Balance-Review Questions_R1

U2_L5 Energy Balance-Review Questions_R1 - use what happens...

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Study Questions – Energy Balance  1. What happens to an individual in negative energy balance? 2. How do we know that it is time to eat? 3. Most energy obtained from food is used for _______________? 4. Energy is stored in the short term as __________ in the muscles and liver;  long term storage is in the form of ____________.  5. How does your EER compare with your calorie intake?  Are you in equilibrium,  positive or negative energy balance? 6. Weight loss does not always equal fat loss… what accounts for the initial  weight loss? 7. During pregnancy why does a woman increase the amount of fat on her body? 8. Which type of fat distribution places an individual at increased risk for chronic  disease? 9. What features make fat cells different from other cells? 10. When you consume more protein, carbohydrate and fat than your body can 
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Unformatted text preview: use what happens to the excess? 11. When does the body slow down metabolism in order to conserve energy? 12. Why is physical activity critical to weight management? 13. When is consumption of food considered an eating disorder? 14. Why is it difficult to tell if someone has a binge eating disorder? 15. What are some of the medical complications of bulimia nervosa? 16. What are some of the medical complications of anorexia nervosa? 17. What is “muscle dysmorphia”? 18. Why are fad diets unsuccessful in long term weight loss? 19. If you are trying to lose weight what would be a good strategy? 20. If you are trying to gain weight what would be a good strategy?...
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