advertsing essay1 - Walking along the street, you are...

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Walking along the street, you are heading to your town’s market to buy some ingredients for your pizza recipe. Suddenly, someone on the opposite side yells at you: “thinly sliced mushroom, 99 cents per pound!” His loud void, of course, catches your attention immediately, and you are starting to look at his product. While examining the little mushroom pack carefully, you are disturbed by a middle age looking man who is constantly half singing half introducing his pepperoni. As walking to the pepperoni guy’s stall, you are distracted by another old man who creams as hard as he could to draw your attention to his Italian sausage. Soon, everybody begins to pull out their shotgun and starts firing to the sky in the hope to attract his customers’ attentions. Not for long, you will get used to the noise, and those street sellers can not draw your attention anymore; you then will be able to go to the market and start buying mushroom, sausage, and pepperoni. What is happening to those street sellers is actually happening to our television industries. An average American sees around 3000 advertisement per day. As a result, the consumer is getting used to it, and it is difficult to draw their attentions to the advertisement. Consequently, a successful advertisement has to have three main characteristic: grasp the audience attention, fool In order to start writing the play and role for my video, I have to identify my major consumers. I have to experience life like him so that I can find out what will dra in the advertisement. So, we create a person named Danny. He is 20 years old, and a good college student. Danny is living with his parents. Since he spent most of his time studying, he has
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little times left for working and earning some part time money. As a result, he doesn’t
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advertsing essay1 - Walking along the street, you are...

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