Worksheet-Carbohydrate Content of Food

Worksheet-Carbohydrate Content of Food - Conversely a diet...

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FSHN 130 BROWN Carbohydrate content of Food Carbohydrates present in food may be in the form of sugars, starch or fiber.  Fiber is  obtained from plant material in our diet and may be insoluble or soluble depending on the  structure of the molecules.  Insoluble fiber adds bulk to our diet creating softer stools and  reducing the time feces is present in the intestine.  Soluble fiber helps to regulate glucose  absorption from the intestinal tract as well as lower blood cholesterol levels.  Most of the  energy we obtain from food ideally comes from carbohydrates in the form of sugars.  Recall  that starch is a stored carbohydrate which is broken down to sugars before absorption.  Healthy food choices include foods that are high in fiber and low in added sugar. 
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Unformatted text preview: Conversely, a diet low in fiber and high in added sugar often leads to health problems. Test your knowledge of the carbohydrate content of food by sorting the following list of foods into their appropriate category. Do this by placing an “X” in the correct column. Which types of carbohydrate do you eat on a regular basis? Food High fiber/ low in added sugar Low fiber/ high in added sugar Zero or very low in Carbohydrate Whole apple Salmon Danish pastry Corn on the cob Whole wheat bread Cheddar cheese Rice crispy treat Baked potato with skin Chocolate milk Raisins Broccoli Scrambled egg Jelly beans Olive oil Kidney beans Ketchup Carrots (raw) Apple juice, 10% juice Orange juice with pulp Almonds, blanched FSHN 130 BROWN...
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Worksheet-Carbohydrate Content of Food - Conversely a diet...

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