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Water Soluble Vitamins – Study Questions 1. Are vitamins organic molecules or inorganic molecules? 2. Vitamins are metabolized in the body like carbohydrates.  TRUE or FALSE?  Why? 3. Which vitamins are water soluble? 4. What does the term “bioavailable” mean? 5. What type of things may affect bioavailability of a vitamin? 6. When water soluble vitamins are taken in doses higher than the RDA what  happens to the excess?  7. What is the main function of B vitamins? 8. In the United States who might suffer from ariboflavinosis? 9. Which B vitamin is required for fatty acid synthesis? 10. Which B vitamins lead to toxicity if taken in large doses? 11. A deficiency of vitamin B6 results in poorly formed red blood cells that are  inefficient carriers of oxygen.  Why might this leave an individual feeling fatigued? 
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Which B vitamin is not associated with energy metabolism? 13. What does the neural tube develop into? 14. Which B vitamin can only be made by bacteria and fungi? 15. Why might vegans be susceptible to a deficiency of Vitamin B12? 16. What is the function of B vitamins in energy metabolism? 17. Why is there little or no toxicity found with water soluble vitamins? 18. Why should women who are trying to become pregnant pay particular attention to their vitamin and mineral intake? 19. How can an individual obtain their RDA for vitamin C from dietary sources, i.e. excluding supplements? 20. Fatty liver, fibrosis, cirrhosis what are theses conditions and how do you avoid this type of tissue damage?...
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10.%20Water%20Soluble%20Vitamins%20-%20Review%20Questions -...

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