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20.%20Fat%20Soluble%20Vitamins%20-%20Review%20Questions -...

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Fat Soluble Vitamins – Study Questions 1. Which vitamins are fat soluble? 2. How does vitamin A support vision? 3. Which retinoid cannot be converted to another form? 4. Plants produce __________ which have vitamin A activity. 5. Which cells in the eye are associated with night vision? 6. How does lack of vitamin A cause “night blindness”? 7. Which vitamin can be made from cholesterol in adequate levels of sunshine? 8. What is the main function of vitamin D? 9. If blood calcium levels are low then what steps can the body take to increase levels  of calcium? 10. What is hypercalcemia? 11. Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant.  What other vitamins have antioxidant  properties? 12. For blood clots to form, vitamin ___ and the mineral ___________ must both be 
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Unformatted text preview: present. 13. Which fat soluble vitamin is produced by intestinal bacteria? 14. Which fat soluble vitamin is mostly excreted from the body when in excess? 15. Without this vitamin you would literally bleed to death. 16. How does the main function of water-soluble vitamins compare to fat-soluble vitamins? 17. How does the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins differ from water-soluble vitamins? 18. If you don’t consume any vitamin A for several months no deficiency is apparent. Why? 19. What are the main functions of Vitamins D, E & K? 20. What is the relationship between free radicals and antioxidants?...
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20.%20Fat%20Soluble%20Vitamins%20-%20Review%20Questions -...

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