lab1 - ECE220 Spring 2007 Lab 1 Introduction to MATLAB...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE220, Spring 2007 Lab 1: Introduction to MATLAB Monday, January 28 - Thursday, January 31 Location: 314 Phillips Hall. • For this lab only , prelab report is due Monday noon, January 28, in the collection boxes next to the south entrance to 219 Phillips Hall. • Matlab is available in most of the computer laboratories on the campus. To identify the lab closest to you visit . • Read the entire lab description before you show up in the lab. • Make a copy of your prelab report and bring it with you when you come to the lab. You will also need all Matlab programs that you are asked to write for your prelab. • Bring to the lab the check-out form that can be found at the end of this document. In the lab you will answer questions listed in this document. Your TA will note on the check-out form whether your answers were correct. At the end of the lab you will leave the check-out form with your TA. 1 Introduction The purpose of the lab in this course is to teach signal processing idea, not to teach computer programming. On the other hand, you do need to be able to use Matlab to do your assigned lab tasks. Many students have used Matlab to some extent, but it is also easy to learn as needed. Instead of taking lab time to specifically and systematically teach Matlab, we prefer to teach it as we go along, by suggestions and by examples that in themselves teach signal processing ideas. If you know what Matlab command you want to use but forgot how to use it type in the Matlab command window help command_name If you do not know what Matlab command is right for what you want to do, use Matlab search engine by clicking on MATLAB Help link and type in a phrase which best describes your need. If you need additional help with Matlab, ask your TAs, look at various Matlab tutorials, or best of all, just experiment. There are two aspects of Matlab programming that we need you to be aware of. These can be summarized as: First make it work then make it pretty! More specifically, Matlab has extensive and powerful computational capabilities. It is very important to use these to get the right answer 2 which in the instructional context of this course means to obtain results that facilitate learning of the material. The make it pretty side of Matlab programming might be thought to involve efficient program- ming, and this is a factor. Once your code is giving the correct results, it pays to take some time to make the code efficient and easier to follow: such things as indentation, spacing, com- menting, and choosing meaningful (perhaps conventional) names for variables can make a world of difference. This is important. Most of the code lines written (and code-writing efforts) are not computations, but rather presentations. You need to know how, and be willing to expend the effort, to make graphs easy to understand and interpret....
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lab1 - ECE220 Spring 2007 Lab 1 Introduction to MATLAB...

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