lab3_08 - ECE220, Spring 2008 Lab 3: Introduction to MATLAB...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE220, Spring 2008 Lab 3: Introduction to MATLAB Monday, February 11 - Thursday, February 14 Location: 314 Phillips Hall. This time the Prelab report is due Friday, 5:00pm, February 8th , in the collection boxes next to the south entrance to 219 Phillips Hall. Matlab is available in most of the computer laboratories on the campus. To identify the lab closest to you visit . Read the entire lab description before you show up in the lab. Make a copy of your prelab report and bring it with you when you come to the lab. You will also need all Matlab programs that you are asked to write for your prelab. In the lab you will answer questions related to topics covered in this document. Your TA will note on the TAs check-out to what extent your answers were correct. Prelab Before coming to lab section you should 1. Read through the entire lab. Type in and run the different MATLAB code examples as you come across them. 1 Practical signals built with sinusoids: DTMF (Touch- Tone) Encoder In this lab, you will write Matlab code to implement significant portions of a DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) or Touch-Tone encoder and decoder. Specifically, when you push a key on a touch-tone or cell phone, it generates a signal that is the sum of two sinusoidal waveforms, hence dual tone. These multi-frequency tones are the ones you actually hear with a touch tone phone. The two frequency components are chosen so as to be very unlikely to occur by accident (e.g., you by yourself cant sing them). This signal generation procedure is very easy to do in Matlab, and is similar to your previous labs where you generated signals and listened to them....
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lab3_08 - ECE220, Spring 2008 Lab 3: Introduction to MATLAB...

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