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Convincing Technology Decision Makers1 Convincing Technology Decision Makers: Presentation Transcript Capella University IT-FP3225 Business Goals for the IT Professional Joanne White Thunder April 21, 2022
Convincing Technology Decision Makers2 First slide (The what and why) With the large amount of confidential information that you handle on students, staff, and county tax records, a Disaster Recovery Plan is a must. A DRP is used to help in the event of a disaster. It is a written document that sets out the actions that need to be taken before during or after a disaster to get a company back on its feet as quickly and with as little data loss as possible. You are probably thinking though that it won’t happen to you, and you are not alone. KCSD, like 75% of small business or organizations, does not have a plan in place for when things go wrong, and they will. Anything from a natural disaster to hardware failure or even human error can happen at any moment.
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