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7/25/07 English 102 “A View of Things” Personally I like this poem, because it’s very simple and easy to understand. The author tells something that they love or hate and then why they love it or hate it. So there’s no real need to guess what the author means or is trying to say because they just make it so obvious. After I finished reading this paper I started thinking about what I loved or hated and why I did love something or hate something. When I did this I realized the reason why I hated so many more things, yet I didn’t always understand why I hated something until reading this. I just sat there and though about what the author wrote and then I
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Unformatted text preview: thought about what they wrote about first then just things around me. It’s nice to finally figure out some of these reasons why I hated certain things around my house and just sit there and figure out why I hated it. I figured out why I hated the stacks of dirty dishes because my brother doesn’t do his chores, why I hated the front room of my house which was because I hated the flooring, and why I can never find any of my things in my house the reason for that is my family moves stuff with out looking at what the move then say they never saw it....
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