Practice Test #6

Practice Test #6 - Use the practice questions below to...

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Use the practice questions below to gauge your knowledge of the chapter. (The answers are at the bottom of the page.) All questions courtesy of Houghton Mifflin's The American Pageant Quiz book; Tenth Edition 1994 PRACTICE TEST CHAPTER 06: Duel For North America 1. The soldier and explorer whose leadership earned him the title “Father of New France” was a. Samuel de Champlain b. Robert de La Salle c. Antoine Cadillac d. Des Moines 2. France was finally able to join in the scramble for colonies in the New World as a result of the a. Protestant takeover of the French government b. end of the religious wars c. revocation of the Edict of Nantes d. St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre 3. Government in New France (Canada) was a. almost completely autocratic b. democratic c. similar to that of the English colonies d. noted for its trial by jury 4. The population of Catholic New France grew very slowly for all of the following reasons except that a. French peasants had little economic reason to move b. The Protestant Huguenots were not allowed to move there c. French government was more concerned with its Caribbean island colonies d. disease took a heavy toll on New France’s inhabitants 5. Unlike the English colonies in America, in New France a. there were no popularly elected assemblies b. The crown refused to promote the welfare of the French colonization c. the population grew very rapidly d. no valuable resources for exploitation existed 6. The primary economic pursuit of early settlers in New France was a. farming b. fishing c. mining d. fur trapping 7. The Indians suffered from their association with the French in New France in all of the following ways except a. exclusion from the fur business b. decimation of their numbers by the white man’s diseases c. violation of their religious beliefs d. debauchery by the white man’s alcohol 8. The French wanted to control Louisiana because they a. liked it’s climate b. wanted to keep the area unfortified c. would then control the mouth of the Mississippi d. feared Dutch expansion into the territory 9. During the 17th century, America established the precedent of a. staying our of European wars if possible b. relying totally on the British for defense c. starting wars in Europe d. being involved in every world war since 1688 1
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10. French motives in the New World included the desire to a. establish agricultural communities to produce profitable staple crops b. convert Indians to Protestantism c. compete with Spain for an empire in America d. provide a place for French religious dissenters to settle 11. Unlike the first three Anglo-French wars, the French and Indian War a. won the British territorial concessions b. united British colonists in strong support for the mother country c. was fought initially on the North American continent d. did not affect American colonists attitudes toward England 12. During a generation of peace following the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, Britain provided its American colonies with
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Practice Test #6 - Use the practice questions below to...

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