Practice Test #11

Practice Test #11 - Use the practice questions below to...

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Use the practice questions below to gauge your knowledge of the chapter. (The answers are at the bottom of the page.) All questions courtesy of Houghton Mifflin's The American Pageant Quiz book; Tenth Edition 1994 PRACTICE TEST CHAPTER 11: The Triumph of Jeffersonian Democracy 1800-1809 1-One of the greatest problems that John Adams and the Federalists faced in the election of 1800 was a-Adams’s efforts to get America involved in a war with France b-increased public debt brought on by war preparations c-Adams’s refusal to take the country to war against France d-Alexander Hamilton’s support of Adams 2-In the election of 1800, the Federalists accused Thomas Jefferson of all of the following except a-having robbed a widow b-having fathered numerous mulatto children by his own slave women c-being an atheist d-supporting high taxes 3-Thomas Jefferson received the bulk of his support from the a-South and West b-North c-cities d-areas where only the wealth could vote 4-In 1800, Thomas Jefferson was chosen president by the a-people b-Electoral College c-House of Representative d-wealthy 5-Thomas Jefferson’s “Revolution of 1800” was remarkable in that it a-Moved the U.S away from its democratic ideals b-marked the peaceful and orderly transfer of power on the basis of election results accepted by all parties c-occurred after he left the presidency d-caused America to do what the British had been doing for a generation regarding the election of a legislative body 6-Thomas Jefferson was elected president by the House of Representatives when a-a few Federalists refrained from voting b-Aaron Burr withdrew from the race c-Jefferson agreed to appoint John Marshall to the Supreme Court d-additional Jeffersonians became members of the House 7-The Federalists favored all of the following except a-building the foundation for a new generation b-signing advantageous treaties with Britain, Spain, and France c-grappling with future problems d-Keeping the peace 8-The Federalist party died out due in part to its a-inability or unwillingness to appeal to the common people b-attempt to change too quickly to suit the changing times c-lack of past achievements d-lack of political talent in leadership positions 9-As president, Thomas Jefferson’s stand on the political issues that he had previously championed a-remained unchanged b-was reversed c-grew even more rigid d-compelled him to repeal the Alien and Sedition Acts 1
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10-With Thomas Jefferson’s election as president, the Democratic-Republican party a- grew stronger and more unified b- rigid attention to formal protocol at White House gatherings c- moderation in the administration of public policy d- ruthless use of the patronage power to appoint Republicans to federal offices 11-Upon becoming president, Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans in Congress immediately repealed
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Practice Test #11 - Use the practice questions below to...

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