Practice Test #25

Practice Test #25 - Use the practice questions below to...

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Use the practice questions below to gauge your knowledge of the chapter. (The answers are at the bottom of the page.) All questions courtesy of Houghton Mifflin's The American Pageant Quiz book; Tenth Edition 1994 PRACTICE TEST CHAPTER 25: America Moves To The City 1. The tremendously rapid growth of American cities in the post-Civil War decades was a. uniquely American b. fueled by an agricultural system suffering from poor production levels. c. attributable to the closing of the frontier. d. a trend that affected Europe as well 2. The major factor in drawing country people off the farms and into the big cities was a. the development of the skyscraper. b. the availability of industrial jobs. c. the compact nature of those large communities. d. the advent of the new housing structures known as dumbbell tenements. 3. One of the early symbols of the dawning era of consumerism in urban America was a. the development of factories. b. the Sears catalog. c. the rise of large departments stores. d. public transportation systems. 4. Which one of the following has LEAST in common with the other three? a. slums b. dumbbell tenements c. bedroom communities d. flophouses 5. The New Immigrants who came to the United States after 1880 a. had experience with democratic government. b. were numerous but never constituted a majority of the immigrants in any given year. c. were culturally different from previous immigrants. d. received a warm welcome from the Old Immigrants. 6. Most Italian immigrants to the United States between 1880 and 1920 came to escape a. political oppression. b. famine. c. the political disintegration of their country. d. the poverty and slow modernization of southern Italy. 7. A “bird of passage” was an immigrant who a. came to the United States to live permanently. b. only passed through America on his or her way to Canada c. was unmarried. d. came to America to work for a short time and then return to Europe 8. Most New Immigrants a. Eventually retuned to their country of origin. b. Tried to preserve their Old Country culture in America. c. Were subjected to stringent immigration restrictions. d. Were quickly assimilated into the main street of American life. 9. According to the social gospel, a. workers should be content with their station in life. b. the church should nit concern itself in the social affairs of the world. c. the lesson of Christianity should be applied to solve the problems manifested in slums and factories. d. Christianity would replace socialism. 1
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10. The early settlement house workers, such as Jane Addams and Florence Kelley helped to blaze the professional trail for a. language specialist. b. Social workers. c. Cay-care workers. d. Criminal Psychologists.
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Practice Test #25 - Use the practice questions below to...

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