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Conservation Biology Journal Entry 1/16/08 I feel that exponential human population growth and consumptive habits in the last few centuries have affected the natural world to the extent that massive alteration of habitats and associated biological changes threaten the existence of thousands of species and basic ecosystem processes 1/21/08 Currently I’m thinking about conservation practices have a varied history around the world, but generally have focused on human use of resources. In the U.S., two value systems dominated resource conservation early in the twentieth century. The Romantic Transcendental Conservation Ethic of Emerson, Thoreau, and Muir recognized that nature has inherent value and should not simply be used for human gain. 1/24/08 Not too much to get excited about. There are reports of some refineries coming down early for turnarounds due to low margins look to be accurate, given the drop in refinery utilization. That would also explain the rise in crude inventories, but typically you start to see gasoline inventories coming down as the refineries come offline. Gasoline production did fall, as one would expect as turnaround season begins. However, gasoline inventories increased on the back of very strong gasoline import numbers. 1/28/08 Well I’m watching the news right now on channel 6 and Obama polls are currently rolling in, I hope he wins the election and further promises to meet the expectations that he said during his election. The polls all said that Barack Obama would be winning last Saturday's South Carolina Democratic primary. 2/06/08 I did not know that About 1.75 million living and 300,000 fossil species have been described, but estimates of the total number of living species range from 10 million to as high as 50 million or more. Although species richness is higher on land than in the oceans, 34 of the 35 extant animal phyla have marine representatives, and 16 are exclusively marine. 2/11/08 I was just reading over lab 2, and stumble upon the important fact of climatic oscillations producing swift, radical changes in climate increased extinction rates and likely decreased speciation rates toward the poles, thus acting as a strong driver of latitudinal patterns in species richness. Very interesting read on this, and its an important role in the environment. 2/14/08 Learning to despite the demonstrated importance of local biological interactions, local species richness in many taxa appears to increase without apparent limit along with increasing regional species richness. This surprising result suggests either that local interactions exert strong effects on abundances of species but not on their numbers, or
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This note was uploaded on 06/25/2008 for the course CONSERVATI 101 taught by Professor Aronson during the Spring '08 term at University of Iowa.

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Conservation Biology Journal - Conservation Biology Journal...

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