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Ch1-3 Terms - Federico Nusymowicz Period 4 The Thirteen...

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Federico Nusymowicz 8/17/2006 Period 4 The Thirteen Colonies ID Iroquois Confederacy: A union of five, and later six, Native American tribes. It was created in 1142, way before European contact occurred. This nation even had a sort of written constitution. It was one of the Native American tribes that presented the most resistance to European advances on American soil, living for over 300 years after the European’s arrival. Encomienda: System of Spanish colonization whereby the crown granted Spanish colonizers the title of encomienderos . Upon receiving this title, these Spanish gentlemen had the right to rule over the land, charge taxes, and summon Indians for labor. In exchange, they were expected to maintain the peace throughout the land. Pope’s Rebellion: When the Pueblo Indians rebelled against the Spaniards and effectively evicted them from their land. Newfoundland: Island off the northeast coast of North America. Originally discovered by accident by the Norse at about 1000, the island was left untouched until 1497 when it was rediscovered by John Cabot. Roanoke: Island off the outer banks of North Carolina. Sir Walter Raleigh set this up as
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Ch1-3 Terms - Federico Nusymowicz Period 4 The Thirteen...

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