Ch4-5 Terms

Ch4-5 Terms - Federico Nusymowicz Period 4 Colonial Society...

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Federico Nusymowicz 8/24/2006 Period 4 Colonial Society ID Headright system: system by which anyone that came to the thirteen colonies got their own patch of land (50-100 acres). Or, if someone paid for the passage of an indentured servant or just recruited someone and paid for their passage, they got the land. Middle passage: the trip for African slaves from Africa to the Americas. Jacob Leisler: leader of the Leisler rebellion that occurred in New York, in which poor artisans, small farmers and shopkeepers, etc. caused an insurrection against patroons, aristocrats, and others in control of the government. Leisler became commander-in-chief, but his authority was short lived as only 2 years after his appointment in 1691 the English royalists came and took his power, later executing him and his son in law. “New Light”: the “new” order of preachers, which used vivid and emotional sermons to urge people into believing during the Great Awakening. Indentured servants: English servants who worked for masters living in the New World for 3 to 7 years, in exchange for their passage and freedom dues. Yeoman farmers: term used to describe small landowning farmers who worked at their own farms. Half-way Covenant: church measure taken in Puritan New England that allowed those who had not experienced conversion to join the church anyways, as “half” members, since the church was losing its influence. The church hoped that by doing this the people
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Ch4-5 Terms - Federico Nusymowicz Period 4 Colonial Society...

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