Ch18-19 Vocab

Ch18-19 Vocab - Federico Nusymowicz 11/23/06 Period 4...

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Federico Nusymowicz 11/23/06 Period 4 Prelude to the Civil War ID Young Guard: name given to the third “triumvirate” of leaders in the US; composed of William Walker: a U.S. physician, lawyer, journalist, adventurer, and soldier of fortune who attempted to conquer several Latin American countries in the mid-19th century. He held the presidency of the Republic of Nicaragua from 1856 to 1857 and was executed by the government of Honduras in 1860. Lafcadio Hearn: also known as Koizumi Yakumo after gaining Japanese citizenship, was an author, best known for his books about Japan. He is especially well-known for his collections of Japanese legends and ghost stories, such as Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things . “lame-duck”: an elected official who has lost a re-election or who did not seek re- election, but continues to hold office in between the time of the election and the time of the inauguration of the successor. Fire Eaters: refers to a group of extremist proslavery politicians from the south who urged the separation of southern states into a new nation, which became known as the Confederate States of America. “Beecher’s Bibles”: name given to the rifled muskets that were supplied to the anti- slavery immigrants during their journey to Kansas. “Bleeding Kansas”: referred to in history as Bloody Kansas or the Border War was a sequence of violent events involving Free-Staters (anti-slavery; also known as free soilers) and pro-slavery elements that took place in Kansas–Nebraska Territory and the western frontier towns of the U.S. state of Missouri between roughly 1854 and 1858 attempting to influence whether Kansas would enter the union as a free or slave state. John A. Sutter: a Californian famous for his association with the California Gold Rush (in that gold was discovered by James W. Marshall in Sutter's Mill) and for establishing Sutter's Fort in an area that would later become the capital of California, Sacramento. Although famous throughout California for his association with the Gold Rush, Sutter
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Ch18-19 Vocab - Federico Nusymowicz 11/23/06 Period 4...

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